Sunday, 25 October 2009

Political Manipulation?

The link about New Labour I added to the Nick Griffin thread has had me thinking. Despite it being an example of the sort of vindictive, spiteful politics we've become to associate with New Labour, there has to be a word of caution, mainly to do with the timing of the release of the news.

We've just had a weeks worth of media furore over the BNP QT episode and now along comes some information to seemingly stoke the race and immigration issue even further. Coincidence? I think not. Labour will be looking for any and all ways to shut down forums for the BNP to air their views and if they can prove a significant shift to the BNP, or an increase in protests or violence as a result of question time, that will give them (in their eyes) enough excuse to shut down the BNP.

Thats why I view the timing of this information as cynical manipulation.

The fact that it also wants me to hunt down all those that have deliberately manipulated the country for serious political gain and hang the fuckers is by-the-by.

I'm beginning to lose count the number of times the country has been goaded into responding by the political elite over the past few months. I've come to the definitive conclusion there is a deliberate policy in motion there too.


  1. I've been thinking about this, surely if there was a political purpose to this, then the gerrymandering laws should apply and we should take the bastards to court.

  2. As always with hardened repeat criminals I'm sure Labour will abuse any grey legal areas they can in order to diffuse any attepts to bring them to book.
    I'm seething that this has happened and I'm sure if they've spitefully and deliberately manipulated immigration to rub the noses of the Right in it, then there must be far worse to come to light.

    This is a government of criminals as rotten as any in history and they're determined to hand this country over lock stock and barrel over to the biggest bunch of unelected, unaudited, proven criminals ever, the EU.


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