Monday, 12 October 2009

Jacqui Smith has to say sorry

She has to say sorry for helping herself to money she wasn't entitled to, is that all?

She reported at being dissapointed at having to do that. I bet she wasn't. I bet she was fucking elated that she didn't have to do a spell in prison. Which is where I'd put her and all her fraudulent fucking friends in Parliament.

The fact the whole thing is a fucking whitewash is abundantly clear in this quote from the report: "We accept that it appears that Ms Smith spent more time in London than in Redditch, even during the period 2007-09, when she spent more nights in Redditch than in London." Er, excuse me, she spent more nights in London even during the time she didn't spend more nights in London? Which fucking existentialist parallel universe does that equate to sensible logic?

As is everything with this government, take everything at face value, the way you assume the words have a meaning, but delve into the detail and forensically examine the text, you see they actually mean completely the opposite. The Conservatives are no better, using exactly the same tactics.

Well here some plain speaking: Its about time we arose, chucked the fucking lot out and started all over again. Who's for playing Cromwell?


  1. Cromwell was very mild. I don't think he jailed or fined or flogged or racked or imprisoned or executed any MP's. He just kept them out of Parliament, and let them keep the money. Considering that many of our MP's will not stand again, and will only repay a little money, they are also getting away with the loot. Robespierre and his guillotine might be more helpful.

  2. hmm, Robespierre eh? I fancy that job. I'll check Freecycle for wood and sharp blades.

    I'm not gonna spend a fortune dispatching the Parliamentary parasites.


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