Friday, 16 October 2009

I have a job!

Well, a part-time job. 15 hours a week stacking shelves, but its money that we desperately need seeing as how I'm not recieving any benefits.

So, blogging might take on a less depressed tone in future.


  1. That's really good news, very pleased for you.

    As I keep telling the people at jobs I'm applying for, something is better than nothing, so give me a chance.

  2. Look mate, first things first! We do not 'stack shelves', we replenish them. And your new job title is 'merchandise placement officer'.

    Congrats btw, from a leader of merchandise placement officers!

  3. PC, Yep, thats what I've been saying for ages. I'm either underqualified, or because I've done I.T. (seven years ago!)they think an unskilled job is beneath me and I'll be out the door in a week. I hate it when they make that decision for me without asking ME what I think.

    Rab, I'm gonna be a backroom boy, so stockroom replenishment operative would probably be the job title.

    Thanks for the good wishes. Its just come in time for Christmas, which is cool.

  4. Wow Del, I'm just SO pleased for you. From small acorns remember ...

    I see Rab's doing his pep talk, you'd better listen to him or he shouts even louder. :)

  5. Warehouse then eh! Good stuff. I was a warehouse manager for a while a few years ago. Still run around on the forklift now and again.

    You'll be amazed at how mongified the youngsters are these days. Drives me bonkers at my work!

  6. I did three years as a warehouse op, plus a stint as warehouse supervisor too, so I've been there before. My forklift licence lapsed as its been over 3 years. I used to drive the scary hi-rise jobs... pulling a pallet at full reach on the weight limit doesn't half make those things move around. Interesting when you're in a cab 60ft or more off the ground.

  7. Subrosa: thanks, I'm quite happy to start small and see how it goes.
    After being a full-time carer for 3 years I wasn't expecting to walk straight back where I left off.
    But its been a hard job beating the competition and convincing people that I'm really serious about wanting the job.


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