Thursday, 1 October 2009

Climate change Fucktard of the Year Award

Ok, I have to admit, this report really fucking annoys me.

First off it starts "Greenhouse gas emissions created by Britons are probably twice as bad as figures suggest, says the government's new chief energy scientist."

Whoa, hang on a minute: "probably" twice as bad? You mean you don't know, or can't prove it, or what? "Says the Government's chief energy scientist". Fuck me sideways, you'd think that someone with the title Chief Energy Scientist (Professor David MacKay) would actually have facts and figures to back any statements he made, not spout a load of unsubstantiated bollocks. Not only that, but you'd think the BBC would have the intelligence to leave the statements in this article where they should be: in the dustbin.

But no. Instead we get a new phrase: "Embedded Emissions", which means we're all responsible for China and Indias emissions, because we're all gadget-crazy freaks that exported our jobs and therefore our emissions around the globe.

Its not our fault you moron, we didn't want to lose our jobs to China. Have a pop at the money-men at the top for wanting bigger profits, thanks to cheap labour in the Third world.

Don't go laying the blame at my door, I'm one of those that can't get a job for love nor money, because the money-men have taken them abroad. Don't try and make me feel guilty, because it won't wash. I can't afford to heat my house so I'm sat here typing this with freezing fingers. Not through some consumer choice, but through necessity. Any emissions I make are paid for through the nose, because unlike you and your fucking jobs-for-the-boys mates, I've got to pay the full whack for everything. No direct-debit discounts for me, because I pre-pay on a card meter.

You absolute fucking moron. You're paid to come up with government policy and you'd base that policy on a "probably"?

While we're at it, seeing as your a Chief Scientist, wheres the fucking proof that we're destroying the planet? "Climate Change" you call it, but doesn't the fucking climate change over time anyway? Where's the proof that its an unnatural process? Prove to me that the climate hasn't been this hot or hotter before in the history of the planet and I might believe you. But the plain fact is it has been hotter than this way back in time. Its been colder too, so "Climate Change" as you like to call it is a fucking natural process and all we have to do is deal with it and adapt, like our forefathers did.

Listen very carefully you cretin: this planet is a living, breathing organism, it evolves and changes with time. Thats the wonderful thing about it: its what creates the rich diversity of life here. If it didn't change and challenge each and every species on the planet, there would be no need for evolution.

The arrogance of the human race nevers ceases to amaze me. The fact that intelligent men think they can preserve this planet in aspic, to stop the processes that have shaped it for millions of years just beggars belief.

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