Saturday, 10 October 2009

"After the next election"

It seems that deperate to cling on to power, Labour are intent on telling lies in order to gain votes at the next election.

We had a raft of new, sensible proposals from the Labour Party conference and since then, we've had a slew of sensible, sane proposals to get the electorate thinking "yeah, that sounds like a plan, I might vote for them...".

But hand on a mo: all of these proposals come with the caveat "after the next election". But Labour is in power NOW, so why don't they implement all of these sensible proposals now? I mean, the Tories aren't in power, so can't implement policies today. But Labour is, so whats holding them back?

Its because they are telling LIES. They are telling massive porkies. Its not like they're ever going to implement these policies, because there won't be any money for them "after the next election". Instead the top priority will be to save money, not spend it.

Ah, you say, but Labour will put those policies in their election manifesto, so they'll have a mandate to implement them and will have to do it as they promised and...

Oh do grow up! Labour were the party that successfully argued in court that election manifestos aren't binding. They don't have to keep any promises they make in a manifesto at all, ever. To be honest, anyone past the age of eight should be able to spot this sort of deception: "it wasn't me, it was them", "I never promised"... you get the picture.

So, the question you have to ask yourself is: after 12 years of downright deviousness, do you really, really trust Labour to keep to their promises? Do you reeeallly? Or do you have that nagging doubt you get when you deal with used car salesmen, where you're sure you're being sold a pup and you know you should really avoid at all costs?

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