Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Takeover of this Country is Almost Complete

Read the reports about the latest clashes between the English Defence League and Anti-Fascist protesters very, very carefully. Look at the subtext, because its very important you look at the message that is being sent out by the government and the media.

The EDL is being compared by Government Ministers to the Fascists of the 1930s.

Lets look at that in more detail: The EDL are compared to Oswald Mosley and his British Union of Fascists. Really? Read that wikipedia page, especially this bit:

"Unlike the Italian system, British fascist corporatism planned a democracy that would replace the House of Lords with elected executives drawn from major industries, the clergy, and colonies. The House of Commons was to be reduced to allow for a faster, "less factionist" democracy".

Does that sound like the EDL whose sole reason d'aitre is less Islamification of the country, or our Labour government, who want the Lords to be reformed with some peers directly elected and some chosen by a government ministry (i.e. quango) and have already placed ex-industry types into the Lords? Or does it sound like the Conservatives, who want to reduce the number of MPs?

Just who are the fascists then?

Next we get:

The EDL caused all the trouble.

Really? Well, certainly the news reports state there were clashes between the EDL and anti-fascist (sic) protesters, but delve a bit deeper. The EDL cancelled the protest at the behest of the Police who were afraid the numbers attending would get too big to control . So you can safely say there were a handful of EDL members present (approximately 12 by most reports), but as the anti-fascist side hadn't cancelled, there were more of them (1000 or so). So who exactly clashed with Police and caused the trouble? The anti-fascist mob, the UAF (who already have form for this), their hangers on and other trouble-makers. But the BBC news refuses to mention this fact explicitly, focussing only on the EDL and trouble. They don't link the two, but in the mind of the reader/listener, the link is made. Here in the Independant is a more balanced report.

Not only that, but John Denham, the Communities Minister says that the EDL is out to deliberately cause trouble by protesting in Muslim areas. Well, hang on a mo, there was the protest at the weekend in the City centre of Birmingham, not a know hotbed of Muslim activity.

So, the group that complied with Police wishes, cancelled the protest and wasn't causing the trouble is blamed by the BBC and government ministers for inciting the trouble. Huh?
I thought the test of a free society is the ability to protest about things we disagree on. It seems the UAF is opposed to demonstrations by groups it doesn't like and is intent on violent action to prevent such protests.

Under those circumstances, the name of the group "Unite Against Fascism" seems to be ironic, as they are the ones that appear to be the fascists.

The next couple of months will be very important. Watch carefully, read between the lines on all news reports. I have an idea where this is going and its not to a warm, fluffy place.

I leave it to you to make up your own mind about the government's agenda.

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