Saturday, 5 September 2009

Political Arrogance?

Burning Our Money has a blog here on whether David Cameron and George Osborne have a secret plan to implement cuts when they get into power.

But why should it be a secret plan? Why would we vote for them not knowing what their plans are in advance? We might disagree with the contents.

Labour are no better: they spout spin and rhetoric, but either fail to implement their plans, implent them, but in an incompetant way, or worse still to exacly the opposite. Worse than that, they've now gone to a court of law and argued that an election manifesto isn't binding.They are arrogant enough to use governance in a way that borders on criminal activity in the way they feather their own nests at the expense of the country's prosperity.

There seems to me to be supreme arrogance in that basically us the voter doesn't count. Gone are the days where manifestos were carefully crafted and placed before the voters, with political parties rewarding the trust the poulation put in them by electing them to office by implementing manifesto pledges.

Now it just seems that its "Vote for us because its our turn". Parties after being elected will implement any old tosh as long as it benefits them rather than the country at large.

The problem is how you deliver a big enough shock to the political system that they start to take notice. The population have tried that by voting BNP, but the political elite have responded by attacking the BNP any way they can.

Its time we all had our own secret plan: voting for any candidate on your voting slip that doesn't belong to a political party. Lets teach those arrogant enough to assume we will vote for them no matter what a bloody nose.


  1. Great idea and worth serious consideration. A parliament with a majority of independents would sharpen the wits of those who pose as caring for the people

  2. I've long thought that party politics has contributed to the ruination of this country. Today a handful of people determine how hundreds of MPs vote.
    Whereas with 646 independant MPs, no one person is in control, bills would have to be debated properly and votes would truly be based in majorities.
    True some independants may form power blocs, but there would be no whipping as there is now.
    I've no doubt that the smaller parties would be any different.
    Voting for an independant also removes the option for the incumbent government from attacking any party threatening the status quo, as has happened with the BNP.


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