Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Gordon Brown and the "C" Word 2

Well, Gordon did say the "C" word (more than once in fact) in front of his Union buddies, but tempered it with the fact that the cuts will not fall on the frontline.

Yeah, right, believe that if you want, but I bet the public sector managers than draw excessive salaries won't feel the pinch.

Labour aren't exactly reknown for keeping to their promises, so if the Unions get suckered into believing this spin, more fool them.

What's needed in the public sector is a wholesale clearout of non-frontline staff. The government can save a packet by getting rid of targets, because form the NHS to the MOD, education to local councils, a whole layer of beaurocracy and non-essential staff is tied up ensuring targets are met, measured and reported back to government. If only government would see that targets and directives are part of the problem not the solution, the savings across the public sector would be substantial, without affecting front-line staff.

We need detailed, directed, surgical cuts, rather than blanket directives, because we all know that public sector managers would rather sacrifice two frontline staff on 15K, than one of their own earning 30K. But Labour have never been masters of detail, so we all know whats going to happen.

Winter of discontent 2 is on the cards then...

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