Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dangerous Idiots in charge of Education and Health

Further to the story I covered a few days ago about the dinner lady thats was sacked for breaching confidentiality, comes more information.

First, the information she gave to the parents of the girl who was attacked didn't name the bullies, only that she had been attacked, which they would eventually have got from the girl. So no real breach of confidentiality.

It beggars belief that the school didn't think to mention the incident in detail to the parents, only sending them a generic "an incident ocurred" letter. You'd hope that the school would do something more substantial if a girl was tied to a fence and beaten with a rope.

Not only that, but in these days of enhanced CRB checks and other checks needed while working with children, this dismissal could effectively end the dinner lady's days of working with kids. Thats just what we want eh? A woman that clearly cares about the kids in her charge ever working with them again.

But wait, more information has come to light: One of the bullies was a child of one of the school governors.

An interesting note is the cowards in charge at the school took legal representation into the meeting to dismiss the dinner lady, but didn't allow her the same priviledge.

I'm sure this story is going to run and run mainly because the other parents at the school have quite rightly sided against the school governors and the head teacher, want the dinner lady reinstated and are threatening if necessary to pull kids out of the school.

The dinner lady has also decided to take legal action and I hope for her sake and the sake of the school, she wins.

I'm remined by this case of the Nurse who was a whistleblower for Panorama. She took a camera into a hospital to highlight neglect of patients. She was eventually struck off.

There really needs to be a crackdown on people abusing their positions and trying to cover up their incompetance.


  1. and don't forget the solicitor hwo's been fighting councils and thier closure of care homes and winning. they used their shills to try and get her struck off
    Fortunatley in this case she won

  2. It just shows what sort of mentality lies in the people running local councils.
    Using anti-terror laws to snoop on people, bringing malicious legal claims, it really does have to stop.
    The term "Little Hitlers" was never more apt.


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