Friday, 18 September 2009

Can Someone Tell Harriet Harman to FUCK OFF?

Harriet Harperson is at it again, this time having a pop at lap dancing clubs.

Can someone, preferrably from the female persuasion slap the bitch please? Its obvious thats what it'll take for her to realise that empowerment for women doesn't just mean empowerment to do the things she wants them to do. The empowerment of women actually means allowing them to do what the fuck they like. If that means ripping a few quid out of spotty teenagers, or sad old guys, then thats what it takes. Freedom is just that: the freedom to chose.

Harperson doesn't understand the irony of spouting hypocritical shit about womens rights, but not allowing them the right to follow various activities. Its "emancipation, but only on my terms", which is just as sick as male chauvinism. Dizzy bitch.


  1. Nah, let her continue to dig Labour's electoral grave.

    Three cheers for Harpie!

  2. Not just her it looks like, Mandelson, Balls, Ainsworth, they're all toiling at the sod digging a nice big hole for Labour.

    I just object to her hypocrisy: supposedly speaking out for women's rights but then telling women what activity they can and can't engage in.

    Women and men alike should have the right to do what the fuck they want, without the hand of state or anyone else mandating their actions. THATS equality.


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