Sunday, 6 September 2009

BBC to invite BNP onto Question Time.

The Story is here.

Maybe the BBC see the writing on the wall and are now attempting act a bit more like a public service broadcaster and less like the propaganda arm of the Labour party.

The report says the BBC is talking to other parties about appearing on a programme with BNP representatives, but why? Why not invite people to the show and just empty chair those not willing to debate their policies against those of the BNP?

One can only hope that their political news output will start to lessen its reliance on reporting Labour press releases verbatim and actually add some independant comment.

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  1. BNP should not be on question time let alone the BBC they are a group of racist bastards and deserve a good slap(make that a punch)I thought racism ended with the NAZI'S but NO Nick Griffin leads a racism facist group which denies all human rights.We need to ACT NOW!!!! and vote them out!!!!


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