Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Am I blacklisted or something?

Another rejection letter arrived today.

I applied to the new Tesco store opening locally. Today I get a rejection letter which means I got rejected more or less straight away. So I'm not even fit to stack shelves.

I'm now beginning to think I'm on some sort of "don't employ him at any costs" list. I mean, I've had job offers, only to have them withdrawn the next day with a variety of reasons, which is kinda freaky. I've had temp jobs that have supposedly been a shoe-in to a permanent job, then I've also been given all sorts of reasons why the job hasn't become permanent. Always its m=not me, there's some other reason.

I know there must be humdreds of applications for jobs so employers can pick and chose, but the volume of job applications I'm making should bear some fruit, the law of averages says that you should hit the jackpot sometime. The lack of interest and the other related things means I really can't help getting suspicious now.


  1. I wouldn't be dejected about Tesco. A few years ago here Tesco moved to a larger site and built a purpose build store (all aided and abetted by the council of course). The old store was small but the staff friendly and competent.

    At least 10 of the old permanent staff didn't pass the interview test for the new store. A woman I know who had run quite a large DIY outlet in the town applied for a job in the new store (she fancied shorter hours). She was rejected.

    None of these women (and one man) know why they failed but it certainly wasn't their unsuitability for a job.

  2. In Havant they knocked down the old Tesco and have spent the last 6 months building a huge monster store in its place.

    Its not so much the fact I can't even get a shelf-stacker's job, but the rapid refusal thats concerning.

    I'm still plugging away applying for jobs, but after 18 months I do wonder.

  3. I'm on the list as well, all of Sainsbury’s, Morrison and Tesco's don't want me to stack their shelves.

    I called up about a warehouse job the other day, according to the job description it involved, picking the right stuff off shelves according to a generated list and loading them in a van.

    ME "Hello I'm calling about the warehouse job"
    Them "Do you have any previous experience"

    ME " Not in a warehouse, no. But I've 25 years experience of working in different industries, I'm a quick learner and willing to work hard"
    Them "Sorry we are really looking for someone with warehouse experience, thanks for calling, bye"

  4. Its even worse for me.... I DO have warehouse experience: I took a warehouse job after I gave up I.T. as it was local and I could be home every day. Less chance of the (now ex) wife having another breakdown.
    It obviously didn't help the marriage, but I'm at a loss as to why I'm not getting warehouse jobs either.

  5. Someone told me at the 'Job Club' ( Slight misnomer as there are no jobs and it's not a club as you are forced to go) the other day, is that part of the reason is all the Govt incentives for employers are weighted towards 18-24 year olds with that and the lower minimum wage. We're on to a loser all ways up.

  6. Yep, if you're not on a government target, then there's not much in the way of help at all.

    I found a back door way into Tesco on Friday:
    my stepdaghter was actually asked to go on an access course, where they train you up and if you pass all the tests you get a certificate in customer service and you're guaranteed an interview. She's 23 so fits the government target profile.
    She asked the tutor how to get on the course. You have to be referred by your jobcentre. So I called the jobcentre asking to be referred by them. Once they had entered my details in correctly, lots of umms and ahhs followed as they didn't know who to contact or what the procedure was for referring me.
    I'll be chasing them up first thing on Monday just to push it and see what happens. I seriously doubt I'll get on the course.


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