Friday, 28 August 2009

Sad end to an Old Queen

The QE2 left Southampton at the end of last year supposedly to a new life as a floating hotel in Dubai. Although sad that a national treasure had been sold rather than kept for posterity, the majority of people I chatted to at the time were comforted about the grand plans that were made for her in her new home.

Now it seems her future is not so grand or rosy. She's going to South Africa to be used as a floating hotel for the 2010 World Cup, although the theQE2story website is more upbeat about her travelling to SA.

I really am afraid it'll end in tragedy for the QE2, things like this have happened before, grand old liners being bussed around the globe only to end up scrapped or sunk. I really hope I'm proven wrong.


  1. Reading the title , I hoped you had breaking news about Peter Mandleson.

    Yes it is sad and these things never seem to end well, I was only young but I remember the pictures of the ship on fire in HK.

  2. Mandelson? One can only wish, especially after his hospital visit.


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