Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Overuse of the Word Racist

Here we have a prime example.

A furniture shop owner has problems with foreign students, so puts a sign in his shop window to ask foreign students not to enter his shop.

The report says that this might clash with race relations legislation. Why? He's not barring foreign students based on race or religion, just on a legitimate greivance: the fact they enter his furniture shop and then proceed to use the merchandise as if it's a cafe.

Race relations shouldn't come into it. But of course the heavy, clunking fist of the state HAS to become involoved in every petty aspect of our lives in order for it to justify its existence and the huge parasitic drain on national resources it has become.

So, the easy option for the shop owner is to bar ALL students, domestic and foreign. So far I haven't heard race relations legislation extending to banning discrimination based on education.


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