Monday, 3 August 2009

Normal Service Will be Resumed

The house move, getting my son rehomed and a rather damp holiday in Devon kept me away from t'internet for a while.

I'm now back and as appalled at recent news stories as always.

I've been appalled at the stories surrounding operations in Afghanistan. I'm totally appalled that the death of eight servicemen in one week, was turned into a disrespectful media scrum. I'm appalled that predictable, inflexible strategy and procedures (just as in WW1) cost them their lives. I'm appalled that past lessons haven't been learned and that our incompetant procurement strategy has resulted in us having a complement of helicopters, most of which can't operate in the hot and high conditions in Afghanistan. I'm appalled that politicians meddle too closely in military matters, a losing strategy if ever there was one.

I'm appalled that MPs haven't learnt and are proposing to give themselves pay rises and have already implemented a raise in their allowances.

I'm appalled that the immigration problem hasn't been solved and that thousands of people that have no right to enter and stay in this country have been let in and have been allowed to stay even after committing serious crimes like murder.

I'm appalled that Gordon Brown, the weakest link in a weaker chain of morons in government is still allowing Petere Mandleson to dictate government policy and self-interested promotion.

I'm appalled that we're governed by a set of incompetant turds who are just interested in self-promotion and lining their own pockets. Those not in cabinet are in Parliament only to line their pockets (otherwise why would those standing down over expense claims not do so immediately?) and those in cabinet are there not because they are the best person for the job, but because of how well they can suck Gordon Brown and Peter Mandleson's cocks and/or lack the spine to do right by the country and stick a blade in the back of the pair of them.

I'm appalled that David Cameron appears to be just as big a turd as Gordon Brown is. I'm hearing less and less things coming from the Conservatives that I like.

I'm appalled (but not suprised) that the media will grab and promote any and every indictaor that the current economic climate is coming to an end. Fucking numbnut nownothings can't see further than the nose in front of their face. I suppose the bitter financial pill we have to swallow next year and for decades to come in the form of increased taxes and reduced services will be all the fault of whoever gets in next year will it? Fucking idiots.

I'm appalled that this once great country is now in hock up to its neck and over the past decade has been dragged down to a lowest-common-denominator country in defence, welfare, education, public services and more. Its a fucking crime and someone should do the time for it.


  1. So pleased to hear you've finally got your son rehomed. That will make such a differences to all your lives.

  2. Well, I say housed, social services took the cheap option and have housed him in something similar to foster care, he's living with another family. Not with trained professionals that would teach him in life skills.
    But, he's in the system and from now on, social services have to look after his welfare. A weight off my shoulders thats been sat there for 5 years, ever since I gave up my career to look after the family.

  3. Del, he's in the system now and I suppose that's what counts these days. I'm sure the two of you will push for a more stable environment for him.

    Time you tried to get back into the workplace now. That's your next difficult challenge. Don't give up.

  4. I've already tried, as funds dwindled. Unfortunately ancient skills and age work against me. These days I don't get the curtesy of a reply. The disadvantage of being over 40 I guess. 10 years ago I was getting asked to join companies....


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