Sunday, 9 August 2009

End of Blogging for a While

To be honest, I just can't be bothered ranting about all the shit and injustice there is in this country.

I really have had enough of the hypocrisy of those in charge, the injustices meeted out on the disadvantaged in this country while those in power talk about fixing our problems and do the fucking opposite.

Next year I have no doubt it'll be same shit, different government.

I hope to god that at some point the British public wake up, but I'm pretty sure that the masses won't dissapoint me and do absolutely fuck all about it.

What started this off you may ask? Well, I started a blog on how the poor pay more tax (relative to income), higher fuel costs, higher government costs, and how generally people could be empowered by the government getting the fuck out of their lives. But that won't happen, the government needs to control.

I'm now very much in contact with the government harness that they are placing around us. I can see it and feel it, it is in my life every day. To those in the middle classes lucky enough not to encounter it, or to see it as only a minor irritation I say good on you. But you will encounter it eventually, just as the lower classes have.

I may as well rant to myself rather than type it out here. My life is shit and to be honest its going to be depressing reading. I doubt you'd enjoy it. It's not like I'm changing the world by doing this am I? Is anyone able to change things taking any notice? No. So, I ask myself, whats the fucking point in sitting here ranting?

No, there isn't any.

Apart from This: To all the ranters that have a pop at those on benefits and their inability to do anything to improve their situation: You have to be in the shoes of those on benefits to appreciate the depressing banality of life, the soul-sucking pointlessness of attempting to improve your situation, the huge injustice of a barely escapable system clearly designed (despite government spin) to trap you into the benefit culture, before you cast judgement.

Eight years ago I was an I.T. manager earning a quite sizeable wedge of money. Fate, family issues and a pretty piss-poor support system for my disabled son meant I'm now here, at the bottom of the pond looking up. It could happen to any one of you.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that, as someone else at the bottom of the pond, I know it can be hard just trying to put one foot in front of the other most days, as your clothes get a bit shabbier and the gap in your CV gets wider. the thing that annoya me most is all the jobs , I used to fall back on in previous reccesions seem now to require some form of certificate, which all cost money you haven't got or they take one look at your CV feel threatened and never contact you again. All I want to do is earn more than £63.00 a week and I can't even get a job in a pub at the moment.
    All you can do is stay the course and don't let the bastards get you down.
    See you back soon maybe ?

  2. This week I pulled my socks up, made a bit of an effort and applied for 13 jobs on Monday.
    So far, 1 rejection letter.

    I know what you mean about certificates: NVQs, Microsoft Certs, and all the rest of the crap bits of paper you don't really need to do the job. Its all for shit middle managers, who need to have a certificate to prove the person is qualified, rather than actually do a full, in-depth interview.
    Oh that and the fact it employs a few hundred more people as trainers for no discernible gain in national productivity.

    I'd love to earn £63 a week. I've been signing on since May last year. After 6 months I lost my jobseekers. The wife did overtime to compensate, but now we've been told she earnt too much and now we're losing tax credits too. So the only benefit we get on top of her wage (which is as much as our rent) is child benefit and child tax credit. I expect we'll see more bailiffs letters in the near future. Fuck it, they can come and strip the house for all I care now. Its like swimming against an ever strengthening tide.

    Back soon? I dunno. I just don't have the heart to blog at the moment. I had a rant at fucking Mandleson this morning on Radio 4. How do these fuck-ups get into positions of power? It does piss me off when you can see an obvious way out of this mess we're in, but the ones in power do exactly the opposite?

  3. there but for the grace of God go I.

    Sorry it's turned so bad for you, it could just as easily be me. And yes, I'm an IT manager with a BSc and 20 years experience. I was unemployed when I graduated, and remember the sheer depressing voids that were the Jobcentres back then.

    Anyway, best of luck.

  4. I don't know what to say because I've never been where you are. When I was younger jobs were plenty and we moved around without clutching endless uni degrees or useless qualifications. If you couldn't do the job you were shown the door, simple as that.

    Have you ever thought about setting up on your own? I did that on a very small basis some years ago as I was desperate for some cash and it worked well. In fact the business was such a success I even managed to sell it a year later for £1000. Party-plan pots and plants thing it was. Just a couple of evenings work a week was enough along with the f/t job. Mind you, that was back in the early 80s.

  5. I had my quickest ever rejection yesterday: 3 hours from applying to email arriving back. Strange, when its a job that I've done before, so experienced in.

  6. Never stop shouting. Ever

    It freed millions from the USSR.


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