Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Curious Case of Gary McKinnnon

This case really makes my piss boil.

First off, lets forget the semantics about how guilty he is. He confessed and the evidence he tapped into secure US servers seems to be overwhelming.

But the things that I really, really can't get my head round with this case are:

1. Trying a man who has Aspergers: who in their right mind in this day and age tries someone with a recognised mental defect? From personal experience with my son, its a possibility Gary McKinnon although admitting to hacking, may not understand the consequences of his actions. Where's the equity in prosecuting a man who has trouble understanding the whole abstract concept of justice, of actions and consequences?

2. Having a law in place that once in motion, denies all protections for a UK citizen at the whim of a foreign government. How the fuck have we come to the state in our American arse-licking that they can snap their fingers demanding the extradition of one of our citizens and our judiciary, legislators and executive have no authority to protect on of our own citizens and stop the process? How has this come to pass especially when the reciprocal American legislation has protections for its citizens? Its bad law enacted by incompetant UK law-makers. It makes you wonder how much more crap legislation there is among the 3000+ new laws enacted since 1997. A fair percentage I'll wager.

3. Enabling extradition when the person committing the crime was in the UK when he comitted them. We have enough laws to convict the guy already, so whats to stop us trying him here instead of the US? Other than the US snapping their fingers and shouting "fetch"?

4. It really, really makes you wonder how fucking spineless the bastards in government really are that they though that this law was good, just, equitable and fit for enactment. Those people in Parliament that voted it through should be thoroughly ashamed of their spineless, treasonous actions. For treason is what I believe defines enabling the law of another country to override the law of the United Kingdom.

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  1. I agree with you totally. I hate the USA and i am beginning to hate the British Beurocracy. I would love to destroy the American government as they just expect the rest of the world to agree with them and if they don't they try to force it instead and if that fails make a War up and somehow justify it. I would love to start a petition to STOP Gary Mckinnon being extradited and to force the USA to apologise and then i would like a country to NUKE the USA (well at least the governmemt).


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