Sunday, 23 August 2009

Its Not Just me Struggling to Find Work Then

It seems that I'm not the only one. I know of more and more older people that are finding it hard to get work. The majority are finding that enquiries go unanswered. I assume because ageism is illegal, agencies and employers just throw applications from older people in the bin. Given that the job I applied for the other week that was rejected withing hours was a job I'd held down before, I can only assume this is the case.


  1. Because no one wants to employ you does not mean you are worthless. Life is more than wages.

    It just means that they don't think you will be the one that buys them a Ferrari or a helicopter.

    Some idiot will. Best it isn't you.

  2. Subrosa: I'm not giving up, but maybe a change of tactic: I've got a meeting at learndirect this week, to see if I can amass enough bits of paper to convince people I can actually do a job.

    OH: Life may be more than wages, but you certainly need money to survive. Not having enough to pay the bills, not getting any help in the way of reduced rent or council tax and sinking ever deeper into debt isn't a nice place to be. We're determined not to go the way of others and both go on benefits, but how long do you swim against the tide? How much pride, how many possessions do we lose?


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