Friday, 10 July 2009

I Hate Social Workers - Part II

Had the meeting between the lady from the home, the Guinness guys and my son's social worker.

The Social Worker earned the disgust of the rest of those present by consistently trying to find a way out of having to provide support. Luckily, the other professionals present were able to steer clear of that minefield (the lady from the home being quite cuttingly sarcastic to the Social Worker at one point: I like her already!).

Anyway, hopefully things will move ahead, but there are hurdles to overcome. The home is the other side of a boundary that has just been redrawn. I would suggest cynically that the home has been successful in housing those in need thanks to a pro-active team and the local council have redrawn the boundary just to make the home someone else's resource drain. Quite how Denmead doesn't come under Havant and instead has been moved to Winchester miles away I fail to understand. Especially as other boundaries for health etc. haven't been redrawn. Sounds quite arbitrary to me.

The Social Worker's final attempt to offload my son was to point out that housing might take a few weeks to set up, where was he going to stay in the meantime? We'd prepared for this trap and so said thats your problem Mr Social Worker. We already knew that as we're moving across a boundary, if we took him with us (not that we have any space anyway), the social worker would wash his hands and my son would go right back to the start again. So we were hard-nosed and refused to give ground.
So he disappeared into the garden on his mobile to arrange emergency housing for my son. For a week. But, my son will be in the system at that point, so everything will continue from that point.

Here's hoping.


Went to see the emergency accommodation today. It was fine. So all systems go for the next week.

Blogging will have a short hiatus, as I sort my internet access.

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  1. I don't understand why it should be anybody's responsibility other than yours or your sons?!


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