Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Blogging May Be Rare In Future: Virgin Media Arseholes.

I just phoned Virgin Media with a view to moving services across to the new house. It came as rather a shock that I couldn't just move everything across as it currently stands: 2Mb broadband and phone.

Oh, no, the "customer service" rep explained. The "deal" that I'm now on will expire as soon as I move onto my new 12 month contract. At that point, the cost of my services will go up from £18.50 a month, to £25 a month. Seeing as that takes most of whats paid into my account each month, obviously I was a bit reluctant.

I re-itereated that I just want to move services, I didn't particularly want to start a 12 month contract all over again, that I was unemployed and couldn't afford 25 quid a month plus call charges. I'm getting pretty tired of this fucking "new n months contract" malarky too. I'm just moving a mile down the road, why the fuck do I need a new contract if I'm already a customer of theirs? The "customer service" rep (Suprisingly in the UK, but ultimately not interested in keeping me as a customer, nor continuing to use their service) was stroppy and adamant and I had to like it or lump it and that no, I couldn't talk to a supervisor.

Well Virgin, it looks like you've lost a customer of almost 10 years loyalty if thats your fucking attitude. I am not a cash cow. Fuck you Richard Branson!

So, I'm in the market for the cheapest broadband and phone available. Any suggestions people?

This also brings to mind a few things:

1. Customer Service (Something I'd thought Virgin were good at) is now as shit as everyone else in the UK.

2. Gordon Brown's pledge to have broadband in every home is a lie. With ever-increasing tariffs, how are the unemployed and the retired supposed to afford it? Is the government going to nationalise the internet? Are they going to give everyone 30 quid a month?

3. If I want cheap 2Mb broadband, why the fuck can't I have it?

4. It looks like my main source of job info, the internet will soon be out of reach for me. Another backwards step.


  1. Try Tiscali. I pay £17.99 for internet and free phone calls to landlines. I'm out in the sticks and don't get the likes of Virgin etc.

  2. Subrosa, thanks for the info. I'm looking at them as well as a couple of others.

    It looks like most of the Broadband providers have a Phone and Broadband package well under 20 quid, so why Virgin should shoot themselves in the foot like this and not have a competitive package I really don't understand.
    Maybe they prefer a better class of customer...

    I've yet to confront the issue of not having an active BT phone line at the new house, which I suspect may be the next issue to tackle.

    I do hate being a tenant.


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