Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Traitorous Intent from The Political Elite.

John Bercow was installed as Speaker of the House of Commons last night. All I'll say on that subject is it was entirely expected, as it was reported weeks ago he was the front runner. For all kinds of reasons, he is the wrong person to be in the job.

I've already blogged about what I believe Mandleson's plan for the country is. Ian Parker-Joseph of the Libertarian Party has put more flesh on the bones of what he thinks is a parliamentary plot to ensure our complete dominance by the EU. I'm not a member of the Party, nor interested in becoming such, but its an interesting post that dovetails with my observations and shows how the whole of Parliament is working for itself, not for us, the people of the UK. Voting Tory or for any of the major parties won't change the plan the elite have for us.

The more I see, the more I become convinced that the ordinary people of this country need to become organised against the political elite. Organised enough to decimate the current Parliament and install independant MPs in the majority of seats. Organised enough to make the UK independant from the EU if necessary.

Just what happens then is anyone's guess. Would the megalomaniacal masters of the EU allow it? Or would they attempt to prevent us leaving the EU by force? Would we see thousands of French, German and Eastern Bloc paratroops dropping from the sky the day after we announced the severance of our ties, the blockade of our ports by EU ships? Reading the contents of the Lisbon treaty, I do wonder if thats what we face.

Hardly the trading block the people of the UK originally voted to enter back in the seventies.

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