Tuesday, 30 June 2009

This Country is Fucked

I've been saying it for 18 months or so now, I could see it back then, so why couldn't all the "experts"? This country is already fucked, and is going to be even more fucked during the next 12 months. There will be no "green shoots", there will be no recovery.

Look at this report from the BBC: The economy shrank by the greatest margin for 51 years. That one sentence tells you all you need to know about how monumental a fuck-up this crisis and the government's response to it is. Look at the graph at the bottom of the page. Look closely at the cliff-like drop in growth. Does the trend look like it's slowing, or does it look like it's gaining momentum? Looks like the latter to me.

Now add on top of that drop in growth, the rise in national debt. Thats a huge burden on and already overburdened economy. But there's more. Add on top of that overburdened economy the cost of welfare: paying people not in work. Thats a huge unproductive cost. In fact the cost of welfare has just outstripped the amount of money raised by tax revenue. Might as well slap on top of that the cost of PFI and Public Sector pensions. Not to mention the cost of interest on top of the whole fetid pile.

Things can't go on as they are. Gordon Brown continues to borrow money like a crack addict, with no investment in wealth-creating projects. Instead its dead money: used to pay people to sit idle. Its used to fund pet projects that have no chance of creating wealth, only increasing regulatory burdens. Its used to fund public sector jobs that don't generate wealth.

The one-eyed twat can't see farther than his nose. Neither can his self-interested chums in finance, that spout a rosy picture in order to keep mugs investing money in a dead horse economy. All to fund their bonuses.

All the while the Bank of England, despite warnings from Mervyn King, authorises the creation of billions of pounds of funny money, created to prop up the economy and buy the next election. Zimbabwe politics in action. Why not have done with it and buy everyone a fucking toaster, or whatever the equivalent is over here eh Gordon?

Experts are predicting the Pound will be worth less than 1 Euro by the end of the year. I wonder if that will signify a rush by Politicians for us to join the Euro Zone? Will the EU let us join?

I said it last December: This country is spiralling into the abbyss. No-one at the top seems to care.

Its about time people stopped whinging and grew some.

I'm prepared to. Mainly because I have no choice. My council tax is going unpaid as we speak and the baliffs letters arrived last week. Can I materialise 1500 fucking quid out of thin air when I don't get benefits? No I fucking can't. So, looks like I'll be doing time for non-payment then. Far better than actually finance the spendthrift fuckers in government.

Mervyn King should stop whining and grow some too. If he thinks that quantative easing is bad for the country and is steering us on a dangerous course, he should stop authorising it. Its not a political decision, its economic. If we're bankrupt, fucking say it how it is.

Her Majesty the Queen needs to drag Gordo in and have a stern word about his mad plan too. I know shes got a set of solid-gold baubles. Its about time to say protocol be fucked, these are unprecedented historic times: its time something was said.

The 646 self-serving fuckers in the house of commons need to grow some, although I have no faith given they've proved only to be in Parliament to line their fucking pockets and pay for their property portfolios. Start taking the monotonous, monosylabic one-eyed moron to task about his plans. Where are his figures? Do they add up? Just how is a nation that produces fuck-all supposed to pay it all back?

The ermine-robed nobs in the Lords need to grow some too. Why hasn't Weaseley Mandleson been given a hard time there. Instead the smug fucker wafts shit and destruction all about the place. Will no-one sort the fucker out?

We all need to start to get organised to protest against the madness too. Start locally and then once you get a critical mass, link up nationally.

Its time we all channelled our anger towards the twats in government, where it rightly belongs.

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