Sunday, 14 June 2009

Parliamentary Paralysis: Time to Save the Nation.

Well, it's come to pass: Mandleson is deputy Prime Minister in all but title and we all know he effectively controls the government now. A coup in other words.

I did say when he came back into the cabinet that there would be blood spilt and several hidden agendas will be exercised.

His complete anihillation of Brown's credibility was one. I wasn't sure of the means, but the effect would be the same: to completely undermine Brown and install if not himself, then a trusted deputy of his, so that the Blairite hegemony could continue through the heirs of those that started the plan.

His second big agenda I thought would be the selling-out of Britain to Europe, by strengthening of the Euro state and membership of the Euro. With one goal: to make us totally at the mercy of Russia.
Call me mad if you like, but the European Government currently couldn't organise a piss-up on a brewery, never mind fend of an agressive neighbour intent on making us dependent on its energy and mineral resources, before using them to make us cow-tow to their every whim.

The policy we are headed on is very dangerous indeed. Russia is already bankrolling us by buying our guilts, we already buy a large amount of their natural gas. Those that push the global agenda say this is a good thing: more interdependance will make us partners, rather than enemies. But hang on a minute, the dependance is all one-sided: there is no "inter"dependance. Its much like the relationship of a drug dealer and their junkie client. The dealer can eventually make the junkie do anything, in order to continue the supply of their drug. The same may happen with Russia and Europe.

A wise brain will see this dependance as a strateigic threat (much like Churchill saw the Nazi militarisation as a threat) to this country and do something about it. But our hands seem to be continually tied behind our backs. If we plan for new conventional or nuclear power installations, the plans are opposed by socialist environmentalists. If we plan to use alternative energy like wind farms, the plans are contested by socialist environmentalists. If we plan to develop weapons to defend ourselves with, they are opposed by socialist pacifists.

Socialists want to control us, so we have new laws where we can't fart without there being some fine for it. Socialists infiltrate our schools and indoctrinate our children with political correct nonsense. Socialists say we have to be multicultural and so we spend vast sums of money pandering to cultural minorities, far exceeding their fair share of the taxpayer pot of money. Socialists say that people should be paid for sitting on their arses and its their right, without a shred of guilt. Socialism destroys our sense of culture, saying we should be part of a European Superstate, our indentity, our history, our currency should be swept aside. So it goes on: "socialism" is now decreeing what we can think and say and do in our own homes. IT HAS TO STOP.

I'm not against Socialism per-se, that is socialism with a small s: standing up for the working man against exploitation. But rampant socialism, such as I've seen rise over the past decade really is a threat to our country. Mandleson is the arch-architect of this grand plan in Britain. If the spineless bastards in government won't stop him, its time us, the people of Great Britain started to take note and say: enough is enough, this is too far. We will go no further.

If that means direct action, then so be it. Battle should be joined and we should regain our country by force if necessary.

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