Monday, 11 May 2009

Troughing Piggy MPs: They Really are all at it.

So the Telegraph today starts to publish details of allowance excesses by Conservative MPs.

I'm sure there will be revelations on the Lib-Dem benches too and given that Sinn Fein MPs have already been shown to be troughing, you can bet that they are all at it, with very few exceptions.

As a bare minimum, whats needed now isn't an inquiry, or an investigation, nor tinkering at the edges. Whats needed now is scrapping of the allowance system and a complete new expenses-based system introduced.

I'd say that the calls for the dissolution of Parliament are getting stronger and are bang on the money. Whats needed now is a quick election so that the worst offenders can be deselected and removed from Parliament, those running for Parliament must do so on a mandate to change the system to allowable expenses only.

Reform of the upper house also needs to be planned, after the Lords were found to be asking questions for cash. There needs to be transparency everywhere in Parliament, so the people can learn to trust it again.

If neither of those happen, then the public will further lose confidence in the Parliamentary system and just refuse to vote for the main parties. I can well imagine that there will be a huge anti-establishment vote in the EU elections next month, with the BNP getting a huge boost in votes and possibly UKIP as well (if UKIP get get on TV and reiterate their anti-corruption stance).

I did say back in January that I didn't think Gordon Brown will be PM past the summer. I think that its highly likely now.

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