Friday, 8 May 2009

Parliamentary Pig Sty Exposed.

Its about time I added my thoughts to the several blogs and comments that have sprung up around this morning's publication of MPs expenses.

Nick Robinson calls it "small beer" compared to fraud in other countries (I'd like to point out he keept the F-word in his blog). I commented on his blog that it isn't small beer at all: this shows up the whole self-serving, stinking mess we have for a Parliament.

Others have said in better words than I can muster just how rotten this situation is: where a Parliament serves itself and its cronies rather than the people, that uses the "anti-terror" excuse to legislate against the people, that ignores democratic process and legislates by statutory instrument rather than by debate and votes in the houses of Parliament.

I really, really hope this opens the eyes of the voters, that they remember this and do something wonderful and different at the next election. Voting for whichever independant MP stands in your constituency would be a start. Remember, the majority of people eligible to vote, DIDN'T vote for this government. If that majority got off its arse and voted independant at the next election, we might see chaos, we might see a return of democracy, but at least we'd see CHANGE!

The WORST thing that could happen is that voters vote for more of the same, this time with the Conservatives at the helm. Voting in any of the parties will just perpetuate an undemocratic, corrupt system of government.

Another point I raised in my comment on NR's blog is how this reveals the cosy relationship between the press and Parliament. Why were these practices not revealed earlier? What state of affairs can arise whereby the government can effectively silence the press? Its high time this too was investigated and measures put in place through legislation to stop governments coercing the press by whatever means.

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