Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More Evidence the State Thinks Your Children are Theirs, not Yours.

Here, in the Telegraph.

A woman has taken her handicapped daughter out of special school, because she wasn't making any progress. She's now being taught at home.

Now the local authority have convened a case conference under child abuse laws, which may force the parents to send their daughter back to school, saying that in their opinion children are better off mixing with other kids.

Now forgive me for being blunt, but this little girl has a condition that will mean she won't ever hold down a job, so whats the point in forcing her to be "educated"? Far better to have her at home happy and well cared for, than forced into some regime which in her parent's view isn't doing her any good.

What next? Force disabled kids into mainstream schools to provide some twisted freak-show and entertainment for the normally abled kids? Don't think it doesn't happen, my Autistic son was forced into mainstream thanks to Oxford LEA's dogmatic policy. No suggestion an alternative might be appropriate.

This story is appaling: To tar the parents with the same brush as those that beat, molest and kill their children is obscene.

Just another reason why ministers, councillors and managers in charge of social services policy should get a grip on reality or fuck off. I really am wound up that when social services are needed to take difficult decisions and stand up to truly abusive parents and carers they walk away, but when it comes to picking on ordinary, amenable, truly caring folk they jump all over them with hobnails on.

The same goes for the old lady taken by social services (with backup from several Police officers) into a care home her daughter deemed unsuitable.

What fucked-up country is this where Politicians espouse the values of family, when social services and others employ policies which usurp the family status? Your children are not your own, your parents are not your own. They are the State's chattels and can be removed from you, tortured or even legally killed at the whim of civil servants.

I'm fucking ashamed of what my country has become.

This picture says it all:

My Grandfather worked on destroyers fighting Nazi U-Boats in order to maintain our freedom. Just what he'd make of the sorry, undemocratic, road-to-totalitarianism mess we're in now I hate to think. Apart from I suspect he'd say "fuck it, why bother?".

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