Thursday, 28 May 2009

More Evidence of a Gordon Brown/Royal Family Rift?

There have been odd rumours in the past weeks that the MPs expenses scandal is somehow linked to a rift between the Queen and Gordon Brown. First there was her madge having audiences with the Govenor of the Bank of England to chat about his public concerns over the economy, then Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup (Chief of the Defence Staff) on the same day. (Both meetings incedentally, reported at the time by the BBC, but seemingly buried so deep that their search engine can't find them). All this while Gordo was jaunting round the world prior to the G20 summit. Then Gordo fired a salvo back by releasing plans for constitutional reform. The rumour was her madge allegedly brought the big guns to bear with the expenses scandal, mainly because of the presence of military and establishment in the shadows.

Now we have this. Gordon Brown will be attending the D-Day anniversary as our sole representative. Neither her Majesty nor Prince Phillips will be in attendence, despite them being amongst those that lived through and participated in the defence of Britain.

I await the retort of the Royal 15 inchers with anticipation.


Here's the timeline, read of this what you will:

24/03/09 PM leaves on G20-saving journey.

24/03/09 Mervyn King publicly releases concerns over economy & public spending

24/03/09 Queen meets Mervyn King and Jock Stirrup

25/03/09 Gordon Brown denies split with Bank of England.

26/03/09 Tony McNulty expenses made public. (probably the leak of expenses sample info during negotiations before they were eventually given exclusively to the Telegraph).

27/03/09 Gordon Brown releases details of constitutional reform

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