Tuesday, 26 May 2009

David Cameron: Yes he has.

Ok, thats enough Dave, you've gone past the point of credibility, you're now into incredulity and pushing the boundaries of, well, that point in politics where you go past incredulity and enter the world of rampant opportunism.

I blogged yesterday that his plans for more public accountability and interaction regarding Conservative candidates should be taken with a healthy dose of scepticism. Seems I'm right, because some of the proposals he's making wouldn't be countenanced in a million years.

I'd like to be proven wrong, but for three days now Cameron has each day tried to outdo the previous day's proposals, in order to grab headlines and put himself in the news. I don't for one minute envisage those proposals would be honoured if the Conservatives got in power.

When Cameron first took the Conservative leadership, I thought he looked like a clone of Tony Blair, with a hint of blue. Well, from what I can see, it he's an almost perfect replica, now using the Blairite "aspirational" formula to grab headlines.

Up until now I've been a floating voter. Up until now, the Conservatives were looking likely to get my vote. Right now, it looks highly unlikely that I will put a cross in their box. I want a clean sweep of Parliament, I don't want Blair MkII.

As for the Lib-Dems, it seems that they are using a slightly poorer Blair clone in the form of Nick Clegg, so they're going to miss out on my vote too.

So much for political diversity.

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