Monday, 25 May 2009

David Cameron: Has he gone too far?

I suspect that David Cameron's latest plans to reform his party's politics may be a step too far for many in his local constituency parties.

Its a set of nice proposals which the public at large (including myself) would agree with (especially as picking ordinary people with real-life experience is something I heartily agree with), but I just can't see the local Conservative rank-and-file accepting just any old tom dick or harry as their local candidate, nor allowing anyone and everyone to have a say who gets nominated.

I think the problem with any prospective parliamentary candidate now is that they are going to have to be so squeaky clean, they won't have the breadth of life experience to make the right choices.

Take myself for instance: Initially my CV looks good:

Never been in trouble with the Police, never taken drugs, Father of a disabled son who knows the difficulties of getting support, with a wife who is a carer for autistic adults who knows the value of public service, a petrol-head that wants to continue the freedom of current transport levels in an environmental way, but without clobbering the motorist in extra tax (see my thoughts on hydrogen technology), a person who remembers the mess of the seventies, got made redundant at the start of the Thatcher era, but remembers the enabling network the Tories put in place to drag myself up to be an I.T. contractor, only to have Labour come in, make things harder and wind up unemployed, looking after my disabled son who Labour can't support despite pumping extra billions into the system, I believe in equality both racial and sexual, I believe in empowerment and enablement.

However, my bad points are: Close links to alternative sexuality, i.e the BDSM lifestyle, with an ex-wife ready to supply details to waiting newspapers. I'm a global-warming sceptic, I swear far too much, I have an annoying, whiny voice (although that didn't stop Ken Livingstone did it?), I'm for the legalisation of prostitution, because I believe feminism and equality for women means they should have the choice and empowerment to do anything they want, not to be classed as or forced into being victims all the time.

But you see my point: those that have a breadth of experience and lifestyle choices aren't going to be squeaky clean. They will have a fair bit of baggage that will be picked over by the press.

In the end it boils down to leadership. I just wonder if Dave Cameron has that leadership quality to rise up to the challenge, grow a pair and really stick with this proposal.

Hmm, maybe I should apply. I'd like Sir Peter Viggers' ward in Gosport please, as it's just down the road from me. I down't own any ducks, just a few tropical fish, which don't cost and arm and a leg to keep. I rent a house, so the ACA would come in really handy for getting me on the property ladder.

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