Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Whats the Point?

I really have come to an impasse: the more I delve into the world of politics, the more disillusioned I become.

More and more details are coming to light daily about the self-serving troughing of the greedy pigs on all side of Parliament, but the majority of people aren't interested.

They switched off from politics decades ago, when its percieved relevance to them waned. Basically the MPs make some of the rules, elected MEP make soem of the rules and unelected EU beaurocrats make some of the rules. Nowhere does it say that the people - the voters make any of the rules.

Thats whats missing in Parliament: an engagement with the voters. In an age where people can phone vote on TV for things like Big Brother and the rest and then see within minutes the results of their button-pushing, what relevence has having to traipse to a voting booth and having to write an X on a piece of paper every 4 years got?

Basically the government can get away with murder. Because whatever they do, the public at large aren't interested, just so long as they can get on with their lives with the minimum of state interference and as long as the state mops their brow when they are sick and looks after their children when they work (education not required, as the state will provide if the kid ends up with no qualifications).

So, just how do you get the population at large engaged in politics? Why would any government cut its own throat by attempting such a feat?

For all the internet bleating on blogs like mine, what chance do we have of changing things? We're like wasps at a picnic: we are an annoyance and we might even sting once in a while, but we can be dealt with if necessary.

Just how do us wasps stir up the the rest of the nest for collective action?

Thats a question that I will be pondering and hoping for an answer.

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