Sunday, 12 April 2009

What a Weekend!

I did say that the Dan Hannan video marked a turning point in the importance of the blogosphere, but this weekend trumps that completely.

Guido's triumph over the Labour smear-vendors shows that given the right circumstances, online blogs can have just as much relevance as the mainstream media outlets. For too long the MSM has been in the grip of the old boys network: deals done, winks winked and nods nodded.
Its been plain to see for too long how the ruling elite have captured every media prize in order to control dissent.
The Blogosphere cuts through all of that: thousands of independant outlets cannot be controlled by done deals.

But thats where the collective entities of the blogosphere on all sides need to be careful, stay united and deny any chance those in power would seek to silence us.

Right now, in his bunker I can imagine Gordon Brown is scheming to silence us, because one of our number has dared to interfere with the machinations of his inner circle. I can well imagine some new law to regulate blogs will be mooted after this, because thats the way the control-freaks currently in power work. This weekends news will be twisted and spun as an attack on the government, spin that will state a government needs protection.

Those on the left of politics need to be wary. Its very easy to be swayed by "your" government that silencing dissenting comments on blogs is in the greater good, but what happens when the balance of power changes and a right-of-centre party is in power? Your right to independantly protest at injustices would be gone. Therefore I urge you especially to protect the right of free speech in blogs. If you are approached by anyone, or anyone close suggests that you promote such action, I ask you to tell them in no uncertain terms: NO!

We all need to stand firm and protect the blogosphere, all the voices within it need I would say have to be heard, it is our right to hold the government of the day (of whatever political spectrum) to account.

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