Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The UK: Sponsors of Terrorism

Not for nothing has the UK become a focal point for American anti-terror operations. They know full well the Islamic Ghettos of the Midlands spawn a whole army of young men, ready to die fighting against the very country that gives them shelter and support in the name of Islam.
Fundamental Islam has twisted and warped these men until they will kill without remorse, without sorrow, without any thought for themselves, their families, their country.

We have anecdotal evidence of British Muslims working against our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, of UK-funded medrassas used as fronts to train our young Muslims.

Until now, the righteous would read this and start bleating "racist". But no more. There is a change in US foreign policy and its allowing us to work with foreign governments to unearth proof now that so-called charities that are funded in the UK send British Muslims abroad to train to work against their own nation.

This report proves that medrassas abroad are being used to train UK Muslim men, effectively sponsoring terrorism.

The multicultural project has to come to an end. Its now time that allowing a state within a state, allowing Sharia law to be used instead of Her Majesty's courts is stopped in its tracks.

We are One Nation, with One Goal, One Purpose. Those who work inside the country to subvert the rule of law and the nation should be dealt with severely. It cannot be sugar-coated, it cannot be brushed aside under the guise of religious tollerance: Is Treason, pure and simple.

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