Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Todays PMQs: Am I missing Something?

Watching todays Prime Minister's Questions was starangely odd. It was very subdued, with David Caneron and Gordon Brown refusing to battle it out despite Gordo being wide open for attack on several issues.

Now to me it looked like I had just tuned in and someone had died or something. Did I miss that? Has someone died?

There were several assaults on the Prime Minister about the Ghurka issue and quite rightly so, the government have behaved despicably over the affair. In fact the Liberal Democrat leader whatsisname had a really good go at Gordo over it. Pity that David Cameron had sort of taken the wind out of his sails.

The main topic of solemn debate between Brown and Cameron was on the subject of Swine Flu and how prepared we are for it. Why would they waste time on such an obvious subject? Is Swine Flu more deadly than they are letting on? Its not as if its a huge topic of debate in the wider population; its spreading, yeah, but the numbers of people dying from it are relatively low. Its not as if its a particularly nasty, virulent or infectious form of flu according to the news.
Unless thats not quite the truth.

So, back to the original topic. Why wasn't there more ripping into Gordo on Ghurkas, expenses, Gordo's kicking in Poland, sleaze, the budget figures or the petition for Gordon to resign on the No10 website?

Maybe Cameron thinks its better if he saves Gordo's skin and lets him suffer until the election? Who knows, but I really think he went down quite a few notches in most people's estimation today because of his lack of attack.

David Cameron isn't the leader to drag us out of the sorry mess we're in at the moment.

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