Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Today is an Important Day

Today is important, today matters, today is a crossroads, one of those major marks in the timeline we have occasionally. What has been, is and will be decided in and around the G20 summit matters greatly. The ramifications of the alliances, plans and fall-outs will become aparrent over the next 12 months.

It cannot be ignored, what the G20 eventually decide will have a global impact. It has the ability to do many things, I hope it will shorten the depression. But I do have my doubts.

There is no unified voice to the G20. Europe is splitting off and closing ranks, bolstered by the two usual suspects, Germany and France. Whether the Eastern Europeans now within the EU will put up with seeing policy dictated to the majority EU states by a minority of two is debatable.

THe UK and America, as always have cosied up together. Its an alliance that we can't afford to break. But as always it will reduce our standing in Europe. The EU countries see the UK as schizophrenic: we follow EU rules to the letter and try to be good citizens, but won't let go of our close American ties and fully integrate.

The reast of the G20 have their own agendas to work to as well.

I just wonder if anything useful will come out of it. Its a bloody expensive white elephant if nothing comes of it.

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