Friday, 24 April 2009

"Titan" Prison Plans Dropped

The BBC has the story here. I just wonder how many millions were spent looking into the idea: proposals, committees, planning applications, etc. aren't cheap.

While the abandonment of the Titan prison programme is a story in itself, it just shows the criminal amount of waste that goes on in government.

I well remember the asylum detention camps that were proposed a number of years ago. One was next to Bicester, where I lived at the time. In the end, the camps didn't go ahead, but for the Bicester camp alone, the bill was still if I recall correctly around £6 million.

Now that may be chickenfeed alongside the billions squandered on the banks, but it does show the wateful mentality in government. Ministers propose schemes in soundbites that never come to fruition, but still have consequences in costs that run to millions.

Just remember that whenever a minister spouts on about a new proposal. That's several million quid being pissed away right there, even if the proposal is never completed.

Just think if ministers stopped with the soundbite politics: we could save millions, just by them keeping their mouths shut.

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