Monday, 13 April 2009

A Tale From History

We're all told the history repeats itself.

This weekend Gordon Brown has announced that after winning the next election (yeah right), he will implement a policy whereby people will be compelled to do some community service. The BBC has in its report the incongrous statement that people will be compelled to do 50 hours of voluntary service.

The same idea has been implemented through recent history. First in Germany, then in the USSR.

The common thread amongst all of the regimes that implemented such policies is they were/are Totalitarian in nature.

That for me speaks volumes about what this Labour government has in store for this country.

This policy on its own isn't the mark of a totalitarian regime, but when you put it together with the rafts of legislation that have eroded our freedoms and privacy, put it together with the policy that has bankrupted this country, put it togther with the posters urging citizens to inform on their neighbours and friends, put all of this together and one can only conclude that the future under this government is one that history has already seen elsewhere.

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