Monday, 13 April 2009

The Recriminations have Started.

Guido has reported that he's had James MacIntyre, from the New Statesman asking him if he has links to the intelligence services.

So it starts.

The Government are starting to slip into paranoia.

First, they can't comprehend that Paul Staines (aka Guido) can set up such a successful blog without backing. Hence the various claims of right-wing backing in the media from Labour. They just can't understand that Guido could set up a blog on his own for free like I have here and then have it become so successful.
The thing is, Guido isn't an overnight sensation: the site has been
running for a number of years. Its following and popularity has grown organically.
Nontheless, the Labour leadership can't comprehend how the site could get so popular without backing. So popular that Guido now gets sent the same "insider" information the mainstream get.

Now the claims of right-wing backing have fallen on deaf ears, another attempt to discredit Guido seems to be in motion. Hence the report from Guido about the telephone conversation with the New Statesman's James Macintyre.

Surely the most paranoid of assumptions is that Guido is in collusion with the security services.

It just shows how deluded and in crisis those at the top of this government are.

I shall watch the next few weeks with interest. I'm ordering in more popcorn!

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