Monday, 20 April 2009

I have an Idea for how MPs can Get Back in Touch with Reality.

It seems pretty obvious to me, that the politicians we have are extremely out of touch with reality. Anyone comparing the rhetoric they spout with reality will find a huge gulf in expectation and experience.

I was a big fan of the Troubleshooter" and "Back to the Floor" programmes made by the BBC, where various senior executives or large companies spent some time working on the shop floor to get first hand experience of how the plans and procedures they had proposed were actually being implemented. For the majority, it came as quite a shock how their well-meaning plans had been twisted and distorted on it's travels down through the layers of management.

I think our MPs should do something similar. How about a junior minister in the DWP spending the summer recess trying to apply for Jobseekers? How about a health minister getting a job as a clerical worker in the NHS? A junior Home Office minister becoming a PCSO? So they can see first hand the waste and mismanagement prevalent in the shambles that is the public sector.

MPs would love the publicity of being on Big Brother, but would never lower themselves. Well, here's an option for worthy reality TV, something that (hopefully) would benefit the nation that we could all take an interest in.

Remember, you heard it here first, so I want royalties if ever it goes ahead.

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