Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Gordo's Summer Swansong?

Well, we all know by now the government was defeated in the commons regarding the Ghurkas's right to settle in the UK.

One major point is the Conservatives working with the Lib-Dems over the affair. Guido has already pointed out the fact that the two party leaders seems to be quite comfortable sharing the spotlight. Labour should rightly be scared, because if the next election ends up in a hung parliament (yeah right), then there is scope for the Tories and Liberals to work together in a majority government. The downside to this is it shows there is very little difference betwen the major parties.

I just wonder if this is a sign of things to come. Labour backbenchers have smelled blood and may vote against the government again, so they can distance themselves from central government policy before the next election.

Gordo is fast becoming a liability for Labour. Wherever he goes, he is either criticised, or embarrassed.

I just wonder if he can survive until the next election. My money is on him going some time during the summer.

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