Tuesday, 14 April 2009

G20 Death - There WERE CCTV Cameras

So it looks like the original IPCC statement there were no CCTV cameras covering the area where Ian Tomlinson was assaulted was either mistaken, or a lie.

The IPCC has issued a new statement, reported here by the BBC there there was in fact CCTV coverage of the area, hopefully as a result of people like myself, pointing out the bloody obvious to them. As my earlier blog stated, there were other cameras in the area at the time, especially the one I pointed out gathering news footage from a building overlooking the scene.

Hopefully this incident won't be whitewashed like all the other deaths at Police hands. Yes the Police have a tough job, but to openly assault a person like that is reprehensible.

I've long been critical of the tactics employed by the Police in these sorts of situations as well as during arrests, there seems to be too much brutish force involved.

Even when force isn't used, there appears to be an arrogance that the Police themselves are above the law. They are wrong.

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