Saturday, 25 April 2009

Advice to the Tories

Its now pretty certain (bar some national disaster) that the Conservatives will win the next election. Its also certain they will inherit a gargantuan financial mess in the wake of Gordon "Wrecker" Brown. So what can they do when they get in?

First thing is they need to be transparent with the county's financial figures. Without being truthful to the country, they will never take the country with them when it comes to the painful medicine needed to get us all back on track. Despite the fact that we may suffer more financially as our backers see us as a bad risk, it needs to be done.

Once everything is out in the open, then a plan can be devised for recovery. Make no mistake, recovery will be long and hard. It will take two decades or more to accomplish, but if the Conservatives are honest and open, retain humility and above all work for the ordinary people of the country rather than the banks, there is no reason why they can't still be in power at the end of those two decades.

Cover things up, or revert to cronyism, or forget about working for the ordinary people of the country, then it will all end in tears.

The next government is the last chance saloon for party politics. The population have experienced two governments in power now that eventually worked against them rather than for them. They won't tollerate a third.

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