Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Yet ANOTHER Labour Snout in the Trough

Seems yet another London-based Labour MP has a second home and is claiming support for it.


I really am staggered by the depths these people go to. Do they not understand they're our servants?

This really, really, needs clearing up NOW. We don't need a year-long enquiry to tell us. Harriet Harman's court of public opinion has spoken. Lets see some action.

Related to this is the fact the BBC hasn't reported this story anywhere on their news website. You'd think it would be up there on the political home page, but no. We're 12 months away from a general election (much sooner than that if my predictions come true) and the BBC should be bending over backwards to be unbiased and even handed in their political reporting. It seems they aren't even close at the moment.


Here's the only mention on the BBC website, a video:


24 minutes to get from either house to Westminster, so absolutely no reason to have a second home, except to have a nice little nest-egg she can sell when she leaves Parliament financed by the taxpayer.


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