Friday, 27 March 2009

This Week: A turning Point?

This week has been a turning point. I've been privileged to watch and be part of it as it unfolds. The way Dan Hannan's video was taken up by the blogosphere and promoted, reaching around the globe, surely shows the power of the uncensored commentary of the blogosphere. It may only be a start, a small thing, but I truly believe that it has changed things. Power has shifted, people will have taken note and things cannot be the same afterwards.

I'm new to blogging, having only started on blogspot only a month or so ago (although I did put general thoughts including politics down on yahoo over a year ago), but I'm sure there are more like me that found the blogosphere after finding the bias and untruths in the mainstream unbearable. In my own case after finding the commentary of the BBC's Nick Robinson totally at odds with what I saw and heard for myself. A chance mention of Guido's site on the comments to Nick's blog opened a new chapter in my use of the internet.

I well remember as a youngster listening to the outputs of the BBC World Service and Radio Moscow and comparing the two to form my own opinion of what was happening in the world.
I get the same feeling now. I've understood the bias in the mainstream and moved on to find my counterbalancing source of information.

I hope the mainstream takes note and now starts to engage more with those commentators on the internet. They DO count and they CAN make a difference. The political parties also need to take note: they can't provide manipulation, bias and spin, we have alternative sources to coroborrate or deny. They have to be truthful in their dealings with us.

The abomination that is Labourlist is an example of all that is wrong when attempting to engage with the internet blogosphere. It spins and promotes and attempts to manipulate through smear.

I hope that Labourlist is consumed and something more worthy and honest rises from the ashes. Labour do themselves no favours by letting it stand in its current form.

And I sincerely hope that ALL political parties start to be more open and honest in future, because if not, they will be found out and it will be reported.

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