Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Somebody Else agrees with my View on Inflation.


A sound piece by Liam Halligan, although I disagree with his analysis on Crude Oil prices. I think the reason for the recent price rises has lots to do with commodities and futures markets buying into the hype from various governments and financial institutions that should know better. I reckon the plateau we've hit at the moment is temporary, not the bottom of the pit.

Once quantative easing starts to work into the economy and increases inflationary pressure, we will see big jumps of the inflation-ometer as that debt bubble is converted into funny-money.

But thats the plan. The only way to get parity back between wages and house prices is to bankrupt the economy, print some money, let wage inflation spiral a bit as house prices crash. Then we'll all be happy as we can afford bricks and mortar again.

Just don't tell our kids, who'll be paying for it when we're dead and buried.

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