Thursday, 19 March 2009

Not Long Until the New F1 Season

Abart from being an old fart interested in politics, one of my other areas of interest is formula 1 racing.

Its an area of sport with quite a few similarites to politics: the in-fighting, the cliques, the cloak and dagger espionage... it has it all.

But this is a straightforward blog saying I wish the new Brawn F1 GP team well on the 29th of March. I used to live down the road from the Brackley factory and I still view them as my "local" team.

Theres every chance they'll do well. Ross Brawn is a hugely capable guy managing the team and they have two very capable drivers in the cockpits. I just hope they get sponsorship and can make a go of it.

Oh, and I notice that Jean Todt has just extricated himself from Ferrarri.... I just wonder if he'll find a position with team Brawn. I do hope so, that would be a thrilling prospect.


  1. My bet would be on Jean Todt finding a position with FIA, should Mosley ever be dragged, screaming and kicking, from his post.

    Brawn look to be 1 second a lap quicker than everyone, straight out of the box. Good luck to them, and to Button. Should be an interesting season.

  2. Thats what I've heard too. The rumours certainly point that way. But I just wonder if the lure of a return to front-line F1 helping Brawn out would be too great.

    Certainly during testing they looked all the world like a throwback to the pre-corporate days, a welcome change.


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