Sunday, 29 March 2009

MPs and their Allowances/Expenses

I said last week that the abuse of MPs allowances had to stop. I was right. The revelations that MPs are allowed to finance second homes and now pay-TV porn show that the system is indefensible.


I'm sure there's more to come, but it just shows how much contempt these troughing MPs have for their constituents. I hope and pray that the local office of every MP caught abusing the system like this call them in and hold them to account.

It also shows that there are systemic abusers on all sides of Parliament. It really needs a new broom swept through it and representation made the main focus. Maybe it's time we ended the system that allows professional parliamentarians to exist. Its pretty obvious that there are people who's sole prupose is to get into Parliament and stay there at all costs, in order to abuse the system and make money. I'm of the opinion its time to put a limit on an MPs length of office.

These are questions that require serious debate and action in Parliament, or they'll be sorted by braying hordes brandishing torches and cheeswire.

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