Monday, 16 March 2009

I'm Gobsmacked.

I just found this while trawling the internet:

"The Danish government has begun paying compensation to women who have developed breast cancer after long spells working nights.

It follows a ruling by a United Nations agency that night shifts probably increase the risk of developing cancer.

BBC Radio Scotland's The Investigation has been hearing from experts and union leaders in Scotland who said the UK government should be doing more to tackle the dangers."

So, the U.N. thinks it only "probably" increases the risk not definately. But Scottish unions want more health checks etc.

I know breast cancer is a horrible thing, but to start paying out money, when there's no definitive science proving a link just sounds like trying it on for the sake of grabbing cash. Its not like the case with cigarettes, where the risks were known for some time. The other thing is: just why should governments be paying this money? If anything, the employer's insurance companies should be forking out, not governments. They're the ones that want women working nights.

It also brings me to another point: just how many levels of quangos do we pay for? I mean, we have our local government money pits, then central government has a grab for our cash with its old boys employment schemes (sorry, committees), then we have another layer on top of that employing jobsworths in the EU. Now its just struck me theres a U.N. global quango level too? Ye gods!

I definately need to get on that gravy train. Anyone want to vote for councillor Delphius?

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