Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Gordon Brown Gets Told the Truth.

Dan Hannan MEP (who deserves a medal) tells Gordon Brown what everyone else in the country wants to tell him. All Gordo does is smirk, looking all the world like the buffoonish madman everyone thinks he is.

Well he would smirk wouldn't he, he's ruined the country and still gets a fat pension. Remember Gordon, there should be no reward for failure.

This video is doing the rounds on the blogosphere, but hat-tip to Guido Fawkes where I saw it first.

I saw Dan Hannan on the Daily Politics a couple of weeks ago. He was the most lucid politician I've heard in a long time. Maybe thats a result of being in the European Parliament and not Westminster, maybe he's better able to talk without the withering machinery of state we have here, but his speech just shows what OUR Parliament should be, without the bollocks of protocol thats been hijacked by New Labour in order to stunt true debate and discussion.


In contrast, the Labour propaganda machine that is the BBC has this report on Gordon Brown's visit to the European Parliament. No mention of the Dan Hannan speech at all. It just confirms for me the bias in BBC reporting.
Lets see if the newspapers do report on it in the morning.

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