Thursday, 26 March 2009

Dan Hannan Video goes Global.

The stats are unbelievable: Dan Hannan's video is set to excede a million views by the end of the week. Its already over 660,000 views and gone global.

Its now been picked up by the stateside media, with Dan giving an interview on TV over there. I'm sure he'll be asked for more.

But the remarkable thing is its not been picked up at all by the UK mainstream media. The popularity of the video nor the speech in the EU Parliament itself. Nothing, not a ripple. Its either as if what happens in the EU parliament doesn't count, or there's some deliberate attempt to supress dissenting voices against the government.

Dan's speech, the youtube video, their online popularity and the lack of UK media exposure is a great example why people are turning in greater numbers to the online blogger network. The mainstream media can't be relied upon to provide balanced and evenly weighted comment. The BBC was nobbled after the resignation of Greg Dyke and continues to peddle a pro-government agenda. Time and again I've criticised Nick Robinson on his blog for pushing a pro-Labour line (even at one point provoking a terse reply in one of his blogs), which shouldn't be happening given the BBCs remit to be balanced and impartial.
If you notice an increased and more balanced output than normal from Nick over the next few days, hopefully its because I and hopefully a few others have made a complaint about his bias.

The main point is that we are now roughly 12 months from a general election and our mainstream media are pumping out a biased viewpoint, which the majority of the population aren't aware of.

I just wonder how long free and unbiased output from blog sites will be tolerated before some sort of "anti-terror" legislation is proposed in order to control them. The new legislation aimed at social networking sites amongst others needs or any proposed amendments to it will require careful scrutiny I think.

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