Monday, 30 March 2009

Brown Complicit in MPs Allowances Abuses.

Gordon Brown has defended Jaqui Smith and her porn-watching husband, saying its a personal matter for her. She has apologised and should be left to get on with her work.

Well, sorry Gordo, but it would have been a personal matter between the couple had they not abused public funds. At that moment it become a very public matter, right at the heart of whether she's a fit person to be in charge of the home office.

Is someone dodgy enough to think abusing the rules to finance their house, or pay for TV porn on expenses fit enough to decide on Police matters? What right has she to be in charge of guardians of morality? The Home Secretary must be above reproach. Just think if such information had been secret, but then fell into the wrong hands? What influence could they have over a home secretary?

Which shows that MP's expenses and allowances need to be 100 percent transparent and accountable. Just like they are for the millions of workers that claim expenses throughout the country.

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